Chinese President Xi Shared His Vision Of Win-Win Ties With America 18 February 2021

Chinese President Xi Shared His Vision Of Win-Win Ties With America

By Andrew KORYBKO 18 February 2021

There are two main arguments in favor of President Biden responding positively to his Chinese counterpart’s suggestions other than the most obvious one that it’s simply the right thing to do in the interests of global stability.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden had their first phone call last week since the latter was inaugurated last month. The Chinese leader used this opportunity to share his vision for win-win ties with America. He emphasized their common goals in containing the COVID-19 pandemic, assisting the global economic recovery, combating climate change, and ensuring regional stability. President Xi also suggested reestablishing dialogue mechanisms to this end and cooperating more closely on a whole range of other issues such as financial, law enforcement, and military ones among others.

One of the most important highlights of their conversation was President Xi reminding his American counterpart that Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs and that the US must respect them accordingly. The US has been meddling in these issues over the past few years, so it’s important that it changes its behavior for the better in order for relations with China to finally improve. Provided that President Biden listens to President Xi’s advice, then both countries can focus on the boundless possibilities for win-win cooperation between them. (…)

 Xi Jinping Steps Up With Charm Offensive  : Information Clearing House – ICH

Quelle:  Xi Jinping Steps Up With Charm Offensive  : Information Clearing House – ICH

Chinese leader profits from a geopolitical vacuum only days before Donald Trump’s inauguration

By Pepe Escobar

January 18, 2017 „Information Clearing House“ – „Asia-Times“ –  He did it, his way; Chinese President Xi Jinping descended on the Swiss Alps; profited from a geopolitical vacuum only three days before Donald Trump’s inauguration with the Atlanticist West mired in stagnation and/or protectionism; unleashed a charm offensive; and deftly positioned China in the lead of “inclusive” globalization.

In a wide-ranging speech that went from global angst to China’s new normal, Xi sounded all the right notes that global capital needed to hear; protectionism is like “locking oneself in a dark room,” and “no one is a winner in a trade war.”

His speech delved into the necessity of peace in Syria, the perverse effects of the absence of financial regulation, and the struggle for “balance between efficiency and equity.”

So onwards with the fourth industrial revolution – and may China deliver. (…)

Die Geschichte erinnern, die Zukunft öffnen

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