3,000 Taiwanese Chip Engineers Flee To Mainland For „Made in China 2025“

09.12.2019 — https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/exodus-3000-taiwanese-chip-engineers-flee-mainland-made-china-2025


3,000 Taiwanese Chip Engineers Flee To Mainland For „Made in China 2025“


The trade war between the US and China has morphed into a tech war where both countries are rapidly decoupling their economies from one another, but at the same time, advancing technologies as the artificial intelligence (AI) arms race will heat up by the mid-2020s.

China, which we reported last night has ordered all government offices and public companies to replace foreign PCs and software with domestic made alternatives within three years, wants to dominate the world through its military power and AI, along with advanced weaponry like hypersonic missiles, fifth-generation fighters, and laser weapons. To do this, President Xi Jinping has already launched huge initiatives, such as state-funded programs to spur innovation in AI.

One such development in the tech war turned AI arms race between the US, is that China is now attracting semiconductor engineers from Taiwan to further ‚Made in China 2025‘ initiative, reported Nikkei Asian Review.  (1)

More than 3,000 semiconductor engineers have left Taiwan for new jobs on the mainland. The recent departure was so significant that it’s equivalent to 10% of all chip engineers on the island. (…)

Full article here: Taiwan-3000-chip-engineers-flee-to-China191209

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