„Turk Stream“: Huge Win for Turkey – Big Win For Russia – Historic Loss for EU – Pepe ESCOBAR, Dec 05, 2014

„Turk Stream“: Huge Win for Turkey – Big Win For Russia 
– Historic Loss for EU
  • EU’s obstruction of South Stream blew black in its face
  • Russia gets more gas infrastructure regardless
  • Turkey won’t pass a chance to benefit from Eurasian ties
By Pepe ESCOBAR, Dec 05, 2014, 13:00 MEZ
So the EU “defeated” Putin by forcing him to cancel the South Stream pipeline. Thus ruled Western corporate media.
Facts on the ground spell otherwise. This “Pipelineistan” gambit will continue to send massive geopolitical shockwaves all across Eurasia for quite some time.
In a nutshell, a few years ago Russia devised Nord Stream – fully operational – and South Stream – still a project – to bypass unreliable Ukraine as a gas transit nation.
Now Russia devised a new deal with Turkey to bypass the “non-constructive” (Putin’s words) approach of the European Commission (EC).
Background is essential to understand the current game.
Five years ago I was following in detail Pipelineistan’s ultimate opera – the war bet-ween rival pipelines South Stream and Nabucco.
Nabucco eventually became road kill. South Stream may eventually resurrect, but only if the EC comes to its senses (don’t bet on it.)
The 3,600 kilometer long South Stream should be in place by 2016, branching out to Austria and the Balkans/Italy. Gazprom owns 50 percent of it – along with Italy’s ENI (20 percent), French EDF (15 percent) and German Wintershall, a subsidiary of BASF (15 percent).
As it stands these European energy majors are not exactly beaming – to say the least. For months Gazprom and the EC were haggling about a solution. But in the end Brussels predictably succumbed to its own.
Russia still gets to build a pipeline under the Black Sea – but now redirected to Turkey and, crucially, pumping the same amount of gas South Stream would. Not to mention Russia gets to build a new LNG (liquefied natural gas) central hub in the Mediterranean. Thus Gazprom has not spent $5 billion in vain (finance, engineering costs).
The redirection makes total business sense. Turkey is Gazprom’s second biggest customer after Germany. And much bigger than Bulgaria, Hungary, and Austria combined.
Russia also advances a unified gas distribution network capable of delivering natural gas from anywhere in Russia to any hub alongside Russia’s borders.
And as if it was needed, Russia gets yet another graphic proof that its real growth market in the future is Asia, especially China – not a fearful, stagnated, austerity-devastated, politically paralyzed EU.
The evolving Russia-China strategic partnership implies Russia as complementary to China, excelling in major infrastructure projects from building dams to laying out pipe-lines. This is business with a sharp geopolitical reach – not ideology-drenched poli-tics.
More articles see:  Russia Insider Daily Headlines for 12/05/2014 – URL:  http://russia-insider.com/en


Martin Zeis
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