Why’s The West Talking About Ceasefires & Concessions All Of A Sudden?

Why’s The West Talking About Ceasefires & Concessions All Of A Sudden?

16 May 2022

Why’s The West Talking About Ceasefires & Concessions All Of A Sudden?

The takeaway from these recent developments is that the US-led West no longer believes its rhetoric about Kiev’s supposedly inevitable victory, but this proxy war seems to have spiraled to the point where not even America is capable of fully controlling its dynamics since it’s unable to impose a ceasefire on both sides.

The US-led West insists that Kiev will defeat Russia throughout the course of the latter’s ongoing special military intervention but recent developments suggest that this civilizational bloc doesn’t truly believe its own rhetoric. French President Macron cautioned against Europe “humiliating” Russia in the event that Kiev wins, even reportedly proposing that Kiev concede some of its territory to Moscow in order to prevent this, which President Zelensky publicly criticized and thus prompted his counterpart to deny. Around the same time, US Secretary of Defense Austin called his Russian counterpart to demand an immediate ceasefire in spite of declaring last month that Ukraine “can win”. Finally, Politico just ran a piece drawing attention to how Germany, France, and Italy are supposedly making overtures to Russia. (…)

The full article in german & engl. here:

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