Sitrep: UNSC on biolabs in the Ukraine + Russia Transcript

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Sitrep: UNSC on biolabs in the Ukraine + Russia Transcript



A quote from the Sirius Report:

Whatever people’s opinion are about the war, one thing that should alarm everyone is the attempt in the west to effectively wipe out any vestige of Russia, including its language, culture and effectively the people.

This is a very short report.  The hatred was so palpable in that meeting room that I felt physically affected.

The summary is:

Russia, China, Brazil, India, and Kenya want investigations into the Biolabs.

The US says they did not hide anything and used their time as 10 minutes of hate.  And we know they speak the truth because CNN showed us the videos of the horrible Russians and the horrible things that they do, like bombing hospitals.  There is no US biolab connection.  There is nothing to see here, they say.

UK representative ditto.  Norway ditto.  A few others, ditto.

Russia says the Ukraine faked deaths and faked propaganda.

Everyone to Russia:

You are conspiracy theorists and aggressors.

*No one shows any proof*

*Russia shows proof*

I trust Russia has a mass of more proof and these speakers will have to swallow their words of today.

Nobody speaks about the biolabs but use their time for 10 minutes of hate.  Of course they were caught in the act, and can only rail and hate.

*End of Security Counsel*

The Russian presentation is at time marker +- 47:30.


Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on biological laboratories in Ukraine



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