McMaken: Did The Pentagon & The Generals Want This Disastrous War?

McMaken: Did The Pentagon & The Generals Want This Disastrous War?

by Tyler DurdenFriday, Aug 20, 2021 – 10:20 PM

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

In early July, Ron Paul penned a column titled “It’s Saigon In Afghanistan,” invoking the imagery of the fall of Saigon in 1975, when US military helicopters scrambled to evacuate personnel from the roof of the US embassy. But Paul suggested that maybe the situation in Afghanistan was “perhaps not as dramatic” as the situation in Saigon forty-six years ago.

But that was six weeks ago.

Now, it looks like the end of the US’s war in Afghanistan may be in many ways every bit as chaotic as the US regime’s final defeat in Vietnam.

When Paul was writing his article in early July, we were already getting hints of the direction things were going. US forces abandoned Bagram Airfield in the middle of the night, and the US didn’t even tell its allies what was going on. Afghan officials discovered the US was gone hours later. Shortly thereafter, looters ransacked the base.

But that, it seems, was just the beginning. Over a period of a mere ten days, provincial capitals in Afghanistan have fallen one after the other. On Sunday, the Taliban entered the strategically key capital Kabul. The Taliban’s reconquest of the country was so fast that even the US regime’s spokesman admitted “the militants‘ progress came much more quickly than the U.S. had anticipated.”

Now, after spending twenty years implementing “regime change” in Afghanistan, and after spending more than $800 billion—an official figure that’s likely far smaller than the real monetary cost—the US’s strategy in Afghanistan has completely collapsed. (…)


McMaken: Haben das Pentagon und die Generäle diesen katastrophalen Krieg gewollt?
von Tyler Durden
9-11 Minuten

Verfasst von Ryan McMaken über das Mises Institute,

Anfang Juli verfasste Ron Paul eine Kolumne mit dem Titel „Es ist wie Saigon in Afghanistan“, in der er sich auf die Bilder des Falls von Saigon im Jahr 1975 berief, als US-Militärhubschrauber in die Luft flogen, um das Personal vom Dach der US-Botschaft zu evakuieren. Paul meinte jedoch, dass die Situation in Afghanistan vielleicht „nicht so dramatisch“ sei wie die Situation in Saigon vor sechsundvierzig Jahren.

Aber das war vor sechs Wochen. (…)

Die vollständige Übersetzung findet sich hier:

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