BURMESE DAYS, REVISITED is also out at The Saker. Link to full text here. Must read for all of you interested in deep Southeast Asia. Getting some very good response from people who actually know Myanmar – a supremely fascinating land of dizzying complexity. The title, as many of you know, is a tribute to Orwell. Fab comment by one of my readers about Orwell in Burma. There are two very important items that I want to get deeper into, perhaps for a follow-up. On January 12, Chinese FM Wang Yi visited Myanmar (it’s in the story). Eight days later, it was Russian Defense Minister Shoigu. Weapons/figher jets deals. Very interesting. I bet a rare opium pipe the usual suspects are goin‘ to start spinnin‘ that the coup is a Russia-China plot. thesaker.isBurmese Days, Revisited | The Vineyard of the SakerA bird’s eye view of the vineyard

Burmesische Tage, Revisited | The Vineyard of the Saker

Burmese Days, Revisited

10-13 Minuten

Von Pepe Escobar mit Erlaubnis und cross posted mit Strategic Culture Foundation

Es wird faszinierend sein, zu beobachten, wie die (Un)Vereinigten Staaten mit Myanmar nach dem Putsch umgehen werden, als Teil ihrer 24/7 „Eindämmung Chinas“-Raserei.

Der (Jade-) Elefant im kunstvollen Raum, der den Militärputsch in Myanmar beherbergt, muss – was sonst – China sein. Und die Tatmadaw – die Streitkräfte Myanmars – wissen das besser als jeder andere. (…)

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