Russia’s Alleged Meddling in Catalan Vote: Playing the Blame Game — articles by Ralf Streck and Alex Gorka

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Martin Zeis, 15.11.2017

Dear all,

concurrently with Ralf STRECK’s article „Die Russen sollen sich auch in Katalonien eingemischt haben“(1) Alex GORKA published „Russia’s Alleged Meddling in Catalan Vote: Playing the Blame Game“.(2) He demonstrates how the Spanish government + media, the EU, the NATO leadership increasingly blame/d Russia interfering in and operating Catalonian affairs.

E x t r a c t s

„Few people are able to recognize their own mistakes. Many prefer to deny the truth becoming willfully oblivious to obvious facts. Why assume responsibility if there is such a thing as blame shifting – a true-and-tried method to get away with it? Pointing a finger at someone else to divert attention serves the purpose. There is method to this madness and Western politicians have been resorting to blame-shifting tactic increasingly often. Each and everything going awry in the world is the fault of Russia. The drive of peoples for independence is a good example. Take Catalonia to illustrate the point. (3)


Can anyone of sane mind believe that Russia’s “meddling” is the real reason to make over 40 percent of Catalans support independence?

  • Has Russia been behind the 95-year-old independence movement in Catalonia
  • Has Russia made the Catalans’ language and culture distinct?
  • Did Russia make Francisco Franco oppress the Catalan people?
  • Has Russia provoked the economic crisis in Spain, which has served to magnify calls for Catalan independence?
  • Has Russia made Catalans believe that the current tax structure is unfair?
  • Has Russia made Madrid unwilling to renegotiate Catalonia’s autonomy agreement?
  • Has Russia written Spain’s constitution, which expressly prohibits a region from breaking away unilaterally?
  • Did Moscow order Spanish police to use brutal force, while preventing the unconstitutional vote?
  • If it didn’t count, why take such pains to stop it?
  • Several world leaders and political figures condemned the violence specifically. Did Russia make them do it?
  • Did Russia make the EU abstain from mediation effort? And, finally, does Russia stand to gain from an independent Catalonia?

With many publications on the issue, no evidence has been produced to demonstrate a link between the Russian government and Catalonia vote. Obviously, the use of the „Russian meddling“ narrative seems to work as a distraction from the wrongdoing of the Spanish government. The fantasy provides a convenient scapegoat to avoid responsibility of the Spanish government for missing opportunities to launch meaningful political dialogue with Catalonia and mishandling of the vote. (…)


(1) Telepolis, 14.11.2017 —

(2)  Strategic Culture Foundation, 14.11.2017  —

(3) The same Western blame-games are evident related to the last US-presidential elections, the unspeakable crimes of the US-created IS-mercenaries, the Brexit  …


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