Russia, China disagree with Trump on Iran – Indian Punchline

The remarks on Monday by the presidential spokesman in the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov as well as Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov underscored that Moscow has a perspective on Iran that is diametrically opposite to President Donald Trump or his senior officials.
Referring to Trump’s description of Iran as the ‘number one terrorist state’, Peskov underlined that any improvement of relations between Russia and the US will be rooted in the reality that the two countries are poles apart on many issues and Iran is one of them:
We do not agree with the definition (by Trump). All of you know that Russia enjoys warm relations with Iran, we do cooperate on a range of issues, and we do appreciate our economic ties which, we hope, will go further. It’s no secret for anyone that Moscow and Washington hold diametrically-opposed views on many international and regional policy issues. Meanwhile, it can’t be and should not be an obstacle when it comes to forging normal communication and pragmatic mutually-beneficial relations between Russia and the US. (…)

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