Finian CUNNIGHAM: Job done: Russia saved Syria from US regime change… now it’s over to diplomacy

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Finian CUNNIGHAM: Job done: Russia saved Syria from US regime change… now it’s over to diplomacy; Rt Op-Edge, 15.03.2016

Dear all,

in the last days numerous articles/commentaries/speculations were published about a meeting of Vladimir Putin, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu, adressing issues of settling the Syrian crisis and Putin’s order to begin withdrawing the main part of Russian troops from the Syrian Arab Republic on March 15. (video and transcript of the meeting see: )

Following an in-depth article by free lance journalist Finian Cunnigham (born 1963), who extensively has writtten on international affairs.


RT Op-Edge, 15.03.2016 —

Job done: Russia saved Syria from US regime change… now it’s over to diplomacy

– E x c e r p t –

Five years of war, five months of Russian military intervention, and now peace talks are underway. It’s as simple as that.

However, rather than acknowledging a successful Russian mission, Western media outlets immediately began speculating that President Putin’s surprise announcement to withdraw Russian forces from Syria indicates a “rift” between Moscow and Damascus. This is just more of the same Western media weapon of mass distraction that has obscured the real nature of the five-year war.
The sovereignty of Syria is the central principle officially underpinning peace talks that resumed in Geneva this week. Without Russia’s military intervention, Syria would not have the chance to pursue a political settlement on a such solid footing.

By contrast, after nearly two years of US-led military intervention allegedly to “defeat terrorism”, the Syrian state was on the brink of collapse from a largely foreign-backed terrorist assault. Until, that is, Russia intervened at the end of September last year. The touchstone is that Russia from the outset was motivated by supporting the Syrian nation and supplanting the terror threat. While the US and its allies were ultimately the source of the threat.

Western media in hock to their governments’ political line still strain the implausible narrative of a “popular uprising” in Syria that somehow descended into a “global proxy war”. But to the rest of the world, US-led illegal regime-change is the obvious, and damning, story. This should be the focus, not speculation about Putin’s alleged ulterior motives to withdraw militarily now from Syria. (see full article an notes below)

Damningly, former UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi revealed in an interview at the weekend that the conflict in Syria could have been halted in 2012 – just over a year from its inception. Brahimi praised Russia for having “a much more realistic analysis of the situation” and that “everyone should have listened to the Russians a little bit more.” Moscow has consistently said that the political future of Syria must be decided by the people of Syria and that no external preconditions, such as Assad standing down, can be imposed by Western powers or their regional proxies. The current Geneva talks underscore this principle.

Last Friday, John Kerry flew to Saudi Arabia seemingly to urge an end to conflict in Syria. Notably, the Saudi-backed Syrian opposition, the High Negotiations Committee, suddenly reversed its rejection of the Geneva dialogue and said that it would be attending talks this week after all. The HNC comprises Al Qaeda-linked terror groups, Jaish al-Islam and Arhrar al-Shams. However, the HNC stipulated that any negotiations must be predicated on Assad’s removal.

Syria’s war, death toll and destruction are patently a result of a US-led bid for regime change in that country. The background intrigue, the explosive escalation of violence over the past five years and the belated political attempts to prosecute regime change by alternative means are all clear evidence of a criminal foreign assault on Syria.

Russia’s military intervention on behalf of the Syrian authorities, as designated by international law, has exposed the true nature of the conflict. The danger of US-backed covert war on Syria has been removed, and now it is over to diplomacy to resolve the peace. That is a stunning achievement. — emphasis, m.z. —

Notes (m.z.)

(1) see also: Larry JOHNSON (interview), 15.03.2016: Syria turning point: Russia withdraws to play the most of ‘diplomatic card’; URL:
(2) Andrew KORYBKO: Hybrid Wars Part 1: Disrupting Multipolarism Through Provoked Conflict; zerohedge, 13.03.2016 — URL:
(3) more in-depth – Andrew KORYBKO: The Indirect Approach To Regime Change“, Study 2015, 128 p, download:


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