A Refresher from Macropolis: 11,7 % from 226,7 Billion) (=Mrd.) Euro-Debt was for GR-Government needs

http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.the-agora.2080 / via zerohedge.com
Where did all the money go?
Jan 5, 2015
By: Yiannis Mouzakis

… So for those who don’t recall, here is a refresher from Macropolis, which a few months ago showed that of the €226.7 billion euros disbursed to Greece since the first Greek bailout, an equivalent to almost 125% of Greece 2014 GDP, „the combined allocation to the Greek state’s operating needs was just 11 percent of the total funding, at circa 27 billion euros.


That’s right: hundreds of billions „spent“ to rescue Greece… with the vast amount of proceeds used to promptly repay the very sources of these funds: the IMF and the ECB.

So will this time be any different, and will the Greeks receive anything extra? Alas no, because here are the near-term Greek debt interest and maturity payments…



… and the longer term.


Martin Zeis
globalcrisis/globalchange NEWS

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