Justin RAIMONDO: Nuke Russia? The warlords of Washington haven’t ruled it out; ANTIWAR .com, June 15, 2015

Behind the Headlines: Nuke Russia? The warlords of Washington haven’t ruled it out, by Justin RAIMONDO; ANTIWAR.COM, June 15, 2015 — http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2015/06/14/nuke-russia via zerohedge, 15.06.2015 — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-15/obamas-anti-russia-policy-escalates-dod-tells-congress-nukes-are-still-table

Obama’s Anti-Russia Policy Escalates: DoD Tells Congress Nukes Are Still On The Table

The War Party is a veritable propaganda

– and we’ve got ourselves another glorious war. These days, however, over a decade of constant warfare – and a
fabrications – has left the public leery.
And that’s cause for optimism. People are waking up. The War Party’s propaganda machine has to work overtime in order to overcome rising skepticism, and it shows signs of overheating – and, in some instances, even breaking down.
One encouraging sign is that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis have lost their US government funding …
In a blow to the “let’s arm Ukraine” movement that seemed to be picking up steam in Congress, a resolution introduced by Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan) and Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Florida) banning aid to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, and forbidding shipments of MANPAD anti-aircraft missiles to the region, passed the House unanimously.
This is significant because, up until this point, there has been no recognition in Washington that the supposedly “pro-democracy” regime in Kiev contains a dangerously influential neo-Nazi element. (…)

Ostensibly proposed in response to a nonexistent Russian “threat” to invade its Baltic neighbors, and/or Ukraine, this represents a significant escalation of the new cold war. And if the tanks are already on the ground, you can bet the troops won’t be long in coming. As NATO James Stavridis put it: “It provides a reasonable level of reassurance to jittery allies, although nothing is as good as troops stationed full-time on the ground, of course.”

And we aren’t just talking about troops here: the Pentagon is also considering stationing nuclear missiles alongside them. (1)
The US is playing a dangerous game of nuclear brinkmanship. Robert Scher, undersecretary of defense, has even floated the idea of a nuclear first strike against Russia. Claiming that Russia has violated the INF Treaty by testing a banned ground-launched cruise missile, Scher laid out possible options in testimony before Congress:

“Robert Scher, assistant secretary of defence for strategy, plans and capabilities, told politicians in April that one option could be to beef up defenses of potential targets of the Russian cruise missile.
“A second option could ‘look at how we could go about and actually attack that missile where it is in Russia,’ Scher said.
“And a third option would be ‘to look at what things we can hold at risk within Russia itself,’ Scher said.
“His comments appeared to signal employing forces to strike at other Russian military targets — apart from the missiles that allegedly violate the INF accord.
“Brian McKeon, deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, told politicians in December that the United States could consider putting ground-launched cruise missiles in Europe. Such weapons are banned under the INF treaty.” (2)

Yes, that’s how crazy the warlords of Washington are: in their demented calculus, nuclear war is just another “option.”
And if that isn’t the definitive argument for regime-change in Washington, then I don’t know what is. – emphasis, zerohedge —

(1) news.com.au, June 06, 2015: Russian arms treaty violations prompt United States to consider sending nuclear weapons to Europe – URL: http://www.news.com.au/world/russian-arms-treaty-violations-prompt-united-states-to-consider-sending-nuclear-weapons-to-europe/story-fndir2ev-1227385735356
(2) Source: US might deploy missiles in Europe to counter Russia, by Robert BURNS (AP National Security Writer), Tampa Bay Times, June 4, 2015 – URL: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_UNITED_STATES_RUSSIA_NUCLEAR_TREATY?SITE=FLPET&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT

Martin Zeis
globalcrisis/globalchange NEWS

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