Russia Insider; Nov 26, 2014: Selected Articles

Russia Insider (1), Nov 26, 2014 — Selected Articles

  1. It’s Time for the West to Offer Putin a Deal on Ukraine (Financial Times) by John Thornhill (Financial Times) – URL:
  2. NATO Quadruples Jet Deployment on Russia’s Borders by Zero Hedge – URL:
  3. Blinded by Arrogance, Western Policy Has Gone Horribly Wrong in Ukraine by Vladimir Golstein – URL:
  4. US Strategy Is to Provoke a New Cold War with Russia by Pepe Escobar – URL:
  5. Check Out Some of These Hard-Core Nazis in Power in Kiev by Justin Raimondo – URL:
  6. How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis by Max Blumenthal (Alternet) – URL:
  7. Why Is Ukraine Allowed to Write the Official Report on MH17? by Eric Zuesse – URL:

(1) Russia Insider/About: This site got started this past summer when a group of expats living in Russia for many years began thinking about what we might do to address a worsening and dangerous problem.
The problem is that the western media present an inaccurate, incomplete, and unrealistically negative picture of Russia, and an incorrect narrative of the past 20 years, since the fall of communism.
It seems to us that this has led to profound policy mistakes by the US and Europe, confusion and misperception.
Russia is a much more appealing, compelling, and complex story than what is being reported.
We are private publication, funded by its founders, independent of any governments or institutions.
Our core contributors come from business, finance, journalism, academia and diplomacy, and we tend to be slightly right of center, in an American and European context.
The site reflects my personal views, but we endeavor to be reasonable and fair, providing as many facts as possible.
We believe objectivity is a worthy ideal, yet opinion makes for more interesting journalism, and seek to strike a balance between the two. If you would like to contribute to what we do, you are warmly welcome. You can write us here:

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