Debunking ‚West media‘ disinformation campaign on the shelling by Ukraine forces against the Donetsk population

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On the 4th of November Poroshenko strongly reacts on the DPR and LPR polls confirming sovereignty wishes from an overwhelming majority of the citizens.  He calls a meeting of the defence and security council to adopt retaliation measures. Caption of image in the news dispatch reads: „Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaks during the meeting of national security council in the capital Kiev on November 4, 2014.[Photo: CFP]

poro after the polls in donetsk


After the meeting referred above, on the same 4th of November Poroshenko orders the massive moving of troops, artillery and armored vehicles to the regions of Donetsk and Luhanksk.

UPi informs:

Ukr trrops move


On the 5th of November Poroshenko forces began pounding Donetsk with massive shelling.

5th nov


And then the disinformation began

7 nov


In fact, what „West media“ intends to cover are the war crimes perpetrated by Poroshenko forces in Ukraine, wich were recently confirmed by OCDE investigation:

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