There’s No Justification For Kiev’s Attacks Against Civilians In Russia’s Belgorod Region



There’s No Justification For Kiev’s Attacks Against Civilians In Russia’s Belgorod Region

If a white supremacist bombed a shelter in the West that was housing refugees, then it wo…

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The coming spring offensives in Ukraine


As it looks now, there are two potential spring offensives in Ukraine. Either of these offensives would be laden with significant risks for both sides. Predicting the outcome is difficult…

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NATO’s Self-Declared „Race Of Logistcs Confirms The Bloc’s Military-Industrial Crisis

NATO’s Self-Declared “Race Of Logistics…

Andrew Korybko

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What’s so stunning about this strategic dynamic is that the combined military-industrial capabilities of the bloc’s two and a half dozen countries can’t compete with their single Russian adversary’s. That insight in turn shows just how mighty Russia’s military-industrial complex is that it’s still capable of sustaining the same pace, scale, and scope of the ongoing special operation in Ukraine despite the sanctions against it while 30 Golden Billion countries can’t collectively do the same.
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Ukraine is About to be ANNIHILATED – Col. Macgregor

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Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner to update us on the Ukraine Russia war. Did NATO want this war? Will the US trigger world war 3 in order to prop up Biden and his white house? Was the Chinese spy balloon to embarrass Biden or is it to distract Americans? Can Ukraine beat Putin? Can Nato beat Putin? Check out Colonel Macgregors new book:…

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Timestamps: 0:34 Who really wants this war between NATO and Putin? 5:50 Who is keeping this war going? 7:45 The real reason for the Chinese Balloon 8:50 Bad people sneaking across the US Southern Border 10:03 DC is desperate to distract us. Its gotten so bad. 13:50 The Cabal and DC want us at war. Lots of money and control. 20:20 Ukraine is falling apart and can’t win this war 21:24 The truth about the Russian Army 22:20 US and European tanks are false hope and a false flag 28:00 Putin is stronger than he has ever been. Russia creating weapons 24 hours a day 30:30 Will NATO drag us all into WW3? Subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of new videos:…

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The Russia-Ukraine War and the Maidan in Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine War and the Maidan in Ukraine

38 Pages Posted: 24 Oct 2022

Ivan Katchanovski

University of Ottawa

This study examines the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022 and the origins of the Russia-Ukraine
conflict in the political transition during the Maidan in Ukraine in February 2014. This transition
of power contributed to a start of the civil war in Donbas, Russian military interventions in
Crimea and Donbas, the Russian annexation of Crimea and an international conflict between
Russia and Ukraine and the West and Russia. This conflict escalated when Russia invaded
Ukraine in February 2022. The research question is as follow: What is the nature of the Russia-
Ukraine war and the political transition in Ukraine during the Maidan? This issue produced
divergent narratives of this war and the Maidan in scholarly studies, the media, and governments
in different countries. This paper uses political science theories of wars, mass protests, coups,
revolutions, and regime changes and empirical analysis to examine the nature of the Russia-
Ukraine war and the political transition in Ukraine during the Maidan. It analyzes videos and
interviews and statements of key political actors involved in this war and the power transition,
witness testimonies of various participants of the Russia-Ukraine war and the Maidan at the
Yanukovych state treason trial and the Maidan massacre trial in Ukraine, and media publications
in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. The study concludes with the analysis of the implications of
its findings for understanding the conflicts in Ukraine and over Ukraine and their resolution.

RAND: Avoiding a Long War

Avoiding a Long War
U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
How does this end? Increasingly, this question is dominating discussion
of the Russia-Ukraine war in Washington and other Western capitals.
Although successful Ukrainian counteroffensives in Kharkiv and Kherson
in fall 2022 renewed optimism about Kyiv’s prospects on the battlefield,
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement on September 21 of a partial
mobilization and annexation of four Ukrainian provinces was a stark reminder that
this war is nowhere near a resolution. Fighting still rages across nearly 1,000 km of
front lines. Negotiations on ending the conflict have been suspended since May.
The trajectory and ultimate outcome of the war will, of course, be determined
largely by the policies of Ukraine and Russia. But Kyiv and Moscow are not the only
capitals with a stake in what happens. This war is the most significant interstate
conflict in decades, and its evolution will have major consequences for the United
States. It is appropriate to assess how this conflict may evolve, what alternative tra-
jectories might mean for U.S. interests, and what Washington can do to promote a
trajectory that best serves U.S. interests. (…)

Address by the President of the Russian Federation

Friends, The subject of this address is the situation in Donbass and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi …

Address by the President of the Russian Federation

DIANA JOHNSTONE: The Specter of Germany Is Rising

To meet the imaginary Russian threat to Western Europe, Germany will lead an expanded, militarized EU. By Diana Johnstone in Paris  Special to Consortium News The European Union is girding for a long war against Russia that appears clearly contrary to European economic interests and so

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Ukraine SitRep – Lysichansk Cauldron – Sinking Morale – More Provocations

The former CIA and intelligence bigwig Graham Fuller predicts a gloomy outcome of the U.S-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. Gloomy for Ukraine, the U.S. …

Ukraine SitRep – Lysichansk Cauldron – Sinking Morale – More Provocations