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The arrest of Julian Assange was an act of revenge by the US government that strikes at the heart of journalism

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Is Assange a Journalist?

07.04.2019 Consortium NEWS

When someone says “Assange isn’t a journalist”, they aren’t telling you what Assange is. They’re showing you who they are, says Caitlin Johnstone. Plus Ray McGovern answered the question on CNN nine years ago. By Caitlin Johnstone Caitlin  As discussed Saturday, whenever Julian A

Quelle: Is Assange a Journalist?

Jahresrückblick 2018 — Swiss Propaganda Research

Ein Überblick über unsere Beiträge 2018 sowie einige Medienbeiträge und Literaturhinweise. SPR-Beiträge 2018 Der Medien-Navigator 2018 Bericht eines Schweizer Journalisten Die Logik imperialer Kriege Medien-Netzwerk Schweiz (akt.) Medien-Netzwerk Deutschland (akt.) Trump, die Medien, und die Geopolitik (akt.) Der Propaganda-Schlüssel (akt.) Propaganda in der Wikipedia Migration und Medien (akt.) Der Atlantic Council Die »Israel-Lobby« Russische Propaganda […]

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Pepe Escobar



Two days ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), supported by Russian air power, finally took control of Albu Kamal – the last Daesh base in the Syria/Iraq border.

One week ago, the Iraqi Army and the PMUs reconquered al-Qaim, on their side of the border. Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, the legendary PMU commander, previously had told a small group of us in Baghdad that would happen “in a matter of days”.

It ended up being four – to be exact.

The Syrian forces will now be redeployed northwest, towards Idlib, the last “moderate rebel” stronghold of that thing called Syrian Conquest Front, a.k.a. Nusra Front, a.k.a. al-Qaeda in Syria.

The key point is that Syrian and Iraqi forces have met at the border – with defeated Daesh jihadis scurrying around or turned into roadkill.

This is History in the making.

And right on cue, VIRTUALLY NOTHING about this REAL ON THE GROUND VICTORY OF A REAL WAR ON TERROR is being covered by Western corporate media.

No wonder. Because this was the work of Damascus, Russia, Hezbollah, Iran advisers, Baghdad and the PMUs – actually the “4+1” – and not the US-led “coalition” that includes Wahhabi mongrels House of Saud and UAE – that totally smashes to bits the monochord Washington narrative.

So History in the making must be silenced.

Of course Project Daesh of balkanizing “Syraq” is not dead.


The jihadi diaspora – across the desert, towards other fronts (Afghanistan, Philippines, the Caucasus) – is in effect.

The usual suspects – and their proxies/lackeys – simply won’t give up.

NOAM CHOMSKY – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine (Video)

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Die allgemeine Bevölkerung weiß nicht, was vor sich geht und sie weiß nicht einmal, dass sie es nicht weiß.

Noam Chomsky

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John RAPPOPORT: Major Media Crash: They Need A Scapegoat;nomorefakenews, 23.11.2016

globalcrisis/globalchange NEWS

Martin Zeis, 24.11.2016

Dear all,

below a waspish commentary by Jon Rappoport* about the Trump-elect-repercussions on the major media. His key assumption:

„The elite political class and their media minions fear more than independent news countering their own news. For obvious reasons, every civilization down through history has had its own monopolistic media, its central “broadcasting system.” Its controlled outlet. But now, The One has become Many.

That is the threat.

The rapid proliferation of The Many is an unpredictable X-factor.

The population is waking up to decentralized media. Instead of the hypnotic attachment to one basic information source — the habit of a lifetime — the public is learning to handle multiple sources. Therefore, the hypnotic spell is being broken and dissolved.

This is the basic problem for the elites.“