Viktoria Shilova, leader of ANTIWAR, facing prosecution in Ukraine. Freedom of Speech, hypocrite „JeSuisCharlie“-friends“?

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Activists of the anti-war movement ANTIVOJNA were distributing leaflets opposing the further military mobilization of Poroshenko’s army to be deployed for the „ATO“ operations against the population of Donbass. The Prosecutor Authority has now open an indictment against the organization lead by the former deputy Viktoria Shilova. But Poroshenko’s vendetta against Shilova is rooted in her legendary anti-war speech, which The Professors‘ Blog reproduces down below in an English transcription we worked out from her video.

/ Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli.

Viktoria Shilova - The Professors' BlogTranslated from DNEPROPETROVSKAYA PANORAMA:

„Ukraine’s Military Prosecutor Authority filed on the 29th of January criminal proceedings in connection with the spread of material by „Antivoyna“.

The Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios notified that such statements [the material distributed by Antivojna] do not contain legal justification, and the actions of persons who disseminate them and who are involved in this, aimed at derailing the…

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