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Tensions in the Persian Gulf are reaching a point of no return. In recent weeks, six oil tankers have been subjected to Israeli sabotage disguised to look like Iranian attacks to induce the United States to take military action against the Islamic Republic. Some days ago Iran rightfully shot out of the sky a US Drone. […]

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Robert PARRY: MH-17’s Unnecessary Mystery, consortiiumnews, Jan 15. 2016

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Martin Zeis, 18.01.2016

Robert Parry, tirelessly investigating the backgrounds of MH17-launching from the very first, reports on the latest research in this case. His special attention applies to the obdurate reserving of the US-intelligence findings and duping the public on the part of the Obama-administration.
We remind you of the Informational Briefing from the Russian Union of Engineers, 15/08/2014: Analysis of the causes of the crash of Flight MH17 (Malaysian Boeing 777); see:
The essential results of this study are affirmed by the latest investigation of Rosaviacia, the Russian aeronautical authority [aviat.]; see:

MH-17’s Unnecessary Mystery
January 15, 2016

Exclusive: Nearly 18 months after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed in eastern Ukraine, one of the troubling mysteries is why the U.S. government – after rushing to blame Russia and ethnic Russian rebels – then went silent, effectively obstructing the investigation into 298 deaths, writes Robert Parry.
By Robert Parry

Demonizing Putin
Yet, despite the flimsiness of the “blame-Russia-for-MH-17” case in July 2014, the Obama administration’s rush to judgment proved critical in whipping up the European press to demonize President Vladimir Putin, who became the Continent’s bete noire accused of killing 298 innocent people. That set the stage for the European Union to accede to U.S. demands for economic sanctions on Russia.

The MH-17 case was deployed like a classic piece of “strategic communication” or “Stratcom,” mixing propaganda with psychological operations to put an adversary at a disadvantage. Apparently satisfied with that result, the Obama administration stopped talking publicly, leaving the impression of Russian guilt to corrode Moscow’s image in the public mind.

But the intelligence source who spoke to me several times after he received additional briefings about advances in the investigation said that as the U.S. analysts gained more insights into the MH-17 shoot-down from technical and other sources, they came to believe the attack was carried out by a rogue element of the Ukrainian military with ties to a hard-line Ukrainian oligarch. [See, for instance,’s “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario
Shifts” and “The Danger of an MH-17 Cold Case.”]

But that conclusion – if made public – would have dealt another blow to America’s already shaky credibility, which has never recovered from the false Iraq-WMD claims in 2002-03. A reversal also would embarrass Kerry, other senior U.S. officials and major Western news outlets, which had bought into the Russia-did-it narrative. Plus, the European Union might reconsider its decision to sanction Russia, a key part of U.S. policy in support of the Kiev regime.

Still, as the MH-17 mystery dragged on into 2015, I inquired about the possibility of an update from the DNI’s office. But a spokeswoman told me that no update would be provided because the U.S. government did not want to say anything to prejudice the ongoing investigation. In response, I noted that Kerry and the DNI had already done that by immediately pointing the inquiry in the direction of blaming Russia and the rebels. (…)


Michael HUDSON: What’s Behind the Stock Market’s Rollercoaster Ride?, Democracy Now, Au g. 25, 2015

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Martin Zeis, 26.08.2015

Dear all,

yesterday Christian Schantz* (Basecamp) forwarded an interview with economist Michael HUDSON on what’s behind the stock market’s rollercoaster ride. Hudson refutes the Western mass media stories blaming China and explains the very different starting point/problems of the Chinese economy and the Western casino capitalism in front of the so called „Black Monday“.

Following an extract – the complete interview is attached (pdf-file).

Martin Zeis

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