Eine antiimperialistische Position zur Krise in der Ukraine – An anti-Imperialist position on the crisis in Ukraine (Odessa Solidarity Campaign)


Supported by

Phil Wilayto – Coordinator, Odessa Solidarity Campaign – DefendersFJE@hotmail.com
signatures are also listed here:

endorsed by:

Leonid Ilderkin – Coordinating Council, Union of Political Emigrants & Political Prisoners of Ukraine, Russia
Bahman Azad – President, U.S. Peace Council, USA
Matyas Benyik – President, ATTAC Hungary Association, Budapest, Hungary
Jesús Rodríguez-Espinoza – Editor, Orinoco Tribune, Caracas, Venezuela
Agneta Norberg – Former Chair, Swedish Peace Council; Women for Peace, Sweden
Prof. Nako Stefanov – Chairman, Bulgarian National Peace Council, Bulgaria
Jochen Scholz – Lt. Col, Ret., GEAF, Berlin, Germany
Stephen Martin – Author at Counterpunch, Edinburgh, Scotland
Heinrich Buecker – Coop Anti-War Cafe; Member, German Peace Council & World Beyond War, Berlin, Germany
John Steinbach – Coordinator, Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Committee of the National Capital Area, USA
Sinia Benigassan – Bureau d’information Alba Granada North Africa, Tunis, Tunisia
Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, USA
Workers Voice…

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