F. William ENGDAHL: „The Eurasian Century is Now Unstoppable“; NEO 04.10.2016

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Martin Zeis, 07.04.2016

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contrastive with the extremely disturbing threats by panicked „full-spectrum-dominance“ US-generals (and their deep state warmongers behind) to launch cruise missile-attacks and air-raids against the Syrian and Russian forces * F. William Engdahl recently reports on the encouraging results of an International One Belt – One Road Conference organized by China’s Northwest University in Xi’an:

„What I’ve seen in my many visits to China, and have studied about the entirety of this enormously impressive international infrastructure project, convinces me that a Eurasian Century at this point is unstoppable. The idiotic wars of the Washington war-hawks and their military industry – in Syria, in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq and now the South China Sea provocations against China – are not going to stop what is now clearly the most impressive and economically altering project in more than a century. (…)

The Eurasian Century is the name I give to the economic emergence of the countries contiguous from China across Central Asia, Russia, Belarus, Iran and potentially Turkey. They are being integrally linked through the largest public infrastructure projects in modern history, in fact the most ambitious ever, largely concentrated on the 2013 initiative by Chinese President Xi Jinping called the One Belt, One Road initiative or OBOR. The project and its implications for Europe and the rest of the world economy have been so far greeted in the west with a stone silence that defies explanation. (…)“

FWE’s complete article on New Eastern Outlook „The Eurasian Century is Now Unstoppable“ is attached (pdf, 6p) and avialable via http://journal-neo.org/2016/10/04/the-eurasian-century-is-now-unstoppable-2

* annotation / m.z.

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