YANIS VAROUFAKIS – Interviews auf RT-tvs-Underground; Corriere Della Sera, 16.09.2015

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Martin Zeis, 19.09.2015

Hallo zusammen,

vor der morgigen Wahl in Griechenland meldete sich der vormalige griechische Finanzminister Yanis VAROUFAKIS in mehreren Interviews zu Wort, um zentrale Fragen aus dem Feld der die Syriza-/OXI-Bewegung unterstützenden Kräfte zu beantworten, die Entwicklung seit Januar 2015, die Gründe der Kapitulation am 13. Juli 2015, was links sein, linke Politik definiert und seine Konsequenzen: die (Mit-)Arbeit an dem Projekt einer NEUEN LINKEN in Europa* sowie in Kürze erscheinende Buch: „AND THE WEAK SUFFER WHAT THEY MUST? (To be published in New York by Nation Books). The theme is nothing less than a history of the euro…“ zit.a. Corriere Della Sera / engl. Übers. Y.V., 16.09.2015

* vgl. „Ein Plan B für Europa“, Paris 12.09.2015;
URL: www.oskar-lafontaine.de/links-wirkt/details/b/1/f/1/t/ein-plan-b-fuer-europa

Yanis Varoufakis
thoughts for the post-2008 world

RT-tvs-Underground, 16.09.2015 Varoufakis-Interview 27:13 min

Greece’s Former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis on Corbyn, Greece and the UN
Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Yanis Varoufakis. Ahead of the election this weekend in Greece, the former finance minister talks about Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign and what he can do to win the war with the media. He explains the difference between the UK and Greece and why they have been in a great depression for five years. And discusses the reason why his party had to go against the public and accept a bailout. Plus why he no longer has what it takes to support Syriza.

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Interview im Corriere Della Sera – 16 SEP 2015

For the Italian version as published in CDS, click here. But beware: The Italian text there is a summary of my answers and, in my view, offers a distorted version of my original answers in English (including the awful title) – which you can read here…

How are you? Do you regret having resigned? Are you missing your months as a State minister?
Personally I am flourishing, even though the political situation in Greece after our 13th July surrender is sad and augurs nothing good for Greece or for Europe. It is the reaction to me of people on the street, in Greece, Italy, France, even in Germany, in conjunction with the freedom to pursue my political agenda outside the strictures of government, that gives me much joy. Do I miss being minister? Definitely not. The ministry was a duty that was worth bearing only as long as we were guided by principle. My successors, in contrast, had the task of managing that awful surrender. I do not envy them. After all, if I did I would not have resigned!
The stress you went through during spring and summer have had an influence on your personal relationships?
No, not at all. True love and friendship survives such trials. My five months in government won me more true friends while the resignation unveiled the fake ones.
Have you enjoyed being a style model, being pointed as a sex symbol, having fan like a rock star?
No. I have detested the star system all my life. It would have been the height of hypocrisy to enjoy its output the moment, for some unknown to me reason, the same system elevated me to a fake pedestal.
Do you think this kind of attention was detrimental to your success as a negotiator?
No. The hostility I faced was not personal and had nothing to do with my public image. It was simple due to our government’s audacity to say “No!” to a failed troika program.
Were your colleagues uneasy with your popularity?
You have to ask them. It did not seem that way to me.
It has been said you are finishing a new book. Can you tell us the title and the main thesis?
All my life, at least since 1989, I have been finishing some book! So, yes, I am about to put the finishing touches on a book that was almost completed before the January election, but which was abandoned the moment I became minister. It is entitled AND THE WEAK SUFFER WHAT THEY MUST? (To be published in New York by Nation Books). The theme is nothing less than a history of the euro…
You declared to be ready to work on a continental project for a New Left. In Frangy-en-Bresse you met Arnauld Montebourg. Have you two planed something concrete? Is the project going forward? In which way?
Definitely. And it is not just the two of us. We are part of a Pan-European Network dedicated to democratising the Eurozone. Except a formal announcement soon.
What do you mean for “left” in politics?
Aristotle defined democracy as the system of government in which the poor, who are always in the majority, rule. In this sense, the Left is the custodian of democracy, insisting as it does that decisions affecting the lives of the majority are taken by their representatives, in their interest, and without bowing to the directives of the powerful few who command the majority of material resources. Democratising the Eurozone, even if it is only in the sense of bringing a dose of liberal democracy to the Eurogroup, seems to me a good start for the Italian, Greek, Spanish, German Left to reinvigorate itself.
Tsipras won the referendum that refused an hard MoU, but accepted an even harsher MoU. Did you understand why?
Of course I understand, even if I disagree with his choice. (…)

Materialien zum Thema: Abgeschossen über der Ukraine – Malaysian Airlines Flug MH-17 – Beispiel eines macht- und medienpolitischen „Ereignisses”

Abgeschossen über der Ukraine – Malaysian Airlines Flug MH-17 – Beispiel eines macht- und medienpolitischen „Ereignisses”

Inzwischen (Stand September 2015) sind anlässlich mehrerer Vorträge und Präsentationen eine Reihe von Informationen dazu gekommen, die einen kritischen Blick auf die in den Mainstream-Medien bisher angebotenen ‚Belege‘ und Fake-Analysen zum Abschuss des Malaysian Air Fluges MH-17 und der Erschießungen auf dem Maidan in Kiew erlauben.

Ob der von der holländischen Untersuchungskommission für Oktober avisierte Abschlussbericht zu MH-17 die tatsächlichen Vorgänge und Täter benennen wird, bleibt abzuwarten!

An dieser Stelle stellen wir den LeserInnen dieses Blogs unsere verwendeten Materialien und Auswertungen zur Nachbetrachtung zur Verfügung:


Abgeschossen über der Ukraine – Malaysian Airlines Flug MH-17 – Beispiel eines macht- und medienpolitischen „Ereignisses“ Martin Zeis, Stephan Best Stuttgart, 20.09.2015
PDF: MH17-Nachtrag150921

Präsentation Martin Zeis/Stephan Best OpenOffice (!) Vortrag ATTAC Besigheim 20150626b

In PDF: Vortrag ATTAC Besigheim 20150626b

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Abgeschossen über der Ukraine – Malaysian Airlines Flug MH-17 –
Beispiel eines macht- und medienpolitischen „Ereignisses”

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