Must read – Michael HUDSON: The Financial Attack on Greece: Where Do We Go From Here?; CounterPunch, July 8, 2015

The Financial Attack on Greece: Where Do We Go
From Here?
July 8, 2015
The major financial problem tearing economies apart over the past century has
stemmed more from official inter-governmental debt than with private-sector debt.
That is why the global economy today faces a similar breakdown to the Depression
years of 1929-31, when it became apparent that the volume of official inter-
government debts could not be paid. The Versailles Treaty had imposed impossibly
high reparations demands on Germany, and the United States imposed equally
destructive requirements on the Allies to use their reparations receipts to pay back
World War I arms debts to the U.S. Government. (…)


Peripheral debts: Causes, consequences and solutions:
2 July 2015

Event date: 02 Jul 15 –

The amount of public and external debts from EU peripheral countries is amongst the biggest debts in the world.

(GUE/NGL – this abbreviation stands for Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left)

Brief der Griechischen Parlamentpräsidentin Zoe Konstaninopoulou an Martin Schulz

Via Elke Schenk poste ich den Brief der Griechischen Parlamentpräsidentin Zoe Konstaninopoulou vom  , den sie an Martin Schulz in seiner Eigenschaft als Präsident des EU Parlaments schrieb.

Als CC wurde das Schreiben an alle MDEPs verteilt, damit alle sich der Lage in Griechenland bewusst seien.

Sie bezieht sich auf das Referendum als demokratischen Akt und schickt im Anhang das Zwischenergebnis des Schuldenaudits (Greek Debt Truth Committee) mit. (Als PDF angehängt)

Es scheint das erste mal, dass darauf von einer offiziellen Institution Bezug genommen wird.

gr wahrheitskommission executive summary de

greek debt truth committee report150617

Brief Konstantinopoulou an SchulzBrief Konstantinopoulou an Schulz

BRICS/SCO Summit in Ufa (Russia) July 8-11 – China and Russia: the world’s new superpower axis?; the guardian, July 07, 2015

Dear all,

yesterday The Guardian published an informative overview about the BRICS/SCO-Summit in Ufa, July 08-11. Additional reports, analysis, opinions are available i.a. on complete article is attached (7p, without graphs).

Martin Zeis