Putin’s red line for US policies by M.K. Bhadrakumar – Asia Times, April 14,2015

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Why did Moscow take such a momentous decision on Monday to scatter to the winds the sanctions regime, which was choreographed so tenaciously by the United States over many years and painstakingly assembled under the direct supervision of the White House, to drive Iran into a corner? The answer to this question will have a lot of bearing on the course of world politics in the coming several decades. (See my blog Putin liberates Iran from sanctions.)   (…)
The fact of the matter is that the Russian decision on Monday is both ‘reactive’ as well as ‘proactive’. First, the ‘reactive part’. Some background is needed here, which is not widely known, hence the following brief explanation.
For a start, it is useful to remember that one of the most shameful episodes in Barack Obama’s presidential diplomacy with the Russian leadership was the personal assurance given by him to the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev just before the 2012 presidential election that once he got re-elected he would address Mos-cow’s concerns over the deployment of the US’ ABM system in Europe. The American side no longer talks about it but the cavalier fashion in which Obama went back on the solemn assurance once he actually got re-elected, significantly contributed to the collapse of the US-Russia “reset”.
At the level of a head of state, statesmen don’t behave like school children; nor is the missile defence issue a game of hide-and-seek. But Obama behaved in an abdominal way. Russia all along disputed the American contention that the ABM was directed against the so-called “rogue states” (read Iran and North Korea). Indeed, Obama himself held out an assurance to Moscow, while addressing a public gathering in Prague in 2009, that once the Iran nuclear issue got resolved the raison d’etre of the ABM deployment in Europe would cease to be.   But now that the US-Iranian negotiations over the Iran issue have entered the home stretch and a deal is well within sight, Obama is once again suffering from loss of memory, forgetting his pledge in Prague five years ago. Washington has begun quietly shifting the goal post. Funnily enough, the US and NATO now argue with a straight face that the deployment of the ABM system in Europe (in close proximity to the Russian borders) has nothing to do with the Iran nuclear issue.
Of course, Moscow has protested in indignation. (Read the Foreign Ministry statement in Moscow last weekend.) But nowadays, Washington doesn’t care for the Russian foreign ministry’s viewpoint. Obama himself doesn’t want to recall tete-e-tete with Medvedev, either .
The point is, the US intention behind the deployment of the ABM in Europe all along aimed at neutralizing Russia’s missile capabilities. In short, its real purpose is to eliminate Russia’s so-called “second-strike capability”. The agenda here is to realize the decades-old American dream (dating back to the Cold War era) of attaining “nuclear superiority” globally and to terminate this irksome business of “global strategic balance” with Russia.
Russia perfectly well understands the US’ strategic calculus factors in the plain truth that “post-Soviet” Russia still remains the only country on the planet with a thermo-nuclear capability to destroy the United States. Washington knows Russia under-stands its strategic calculus aiming at the weakening and dismemberment of Russia to reduce it to a second-rate power. Russia knows Washington comprehends the authenticity of the Russian fears and concerns.
To cut a long story short, Putin has decided to let Obama also get a feel of what it feels like when America’s core interests and national security concerns come under danger – plainly put, if America ever comes under threat from a nuclear Iran possessing ICBM capability. Indeed, the S-300 missiles make a formidable ABM system, which severely restricts the US’ strike capabilities against Iran.   (…)
The bottom line is that the U.S. will have to learn to respect Russia’s legitimate concerns and cease trampling on its core interests.
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Martin Zeis
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Sixth BRICS Summit – Fortaleza Declaration 2014

Sixth BRICS Summit – Fortaleza Declaration

1. We, the leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, met in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 15 July 2014 at the Sixth BRICS Summit. To inaugurate the second cycle of BRICS Summits, the theme chosen for our discussions was “Inclusive Growth: Sustainable Solutions”, in keeping with the inclusive macroeconomic and social policies carried out by our governments and the imperative to address challenges to humankind posed by the need to simultaneously achieve growth, inclusiveness, protection and preservation.

2. In the aftermath of the first cycle of five Summits, hosted by every BRICS member, our coordination is well established in various multilateral and plurilateral initiatives and intra-BRICS cooperation is expanding to encompass new areas. Our shared views and commitment to international law and to multilateralism, with the United Nations at its center and foundation, are widely recognized and constitute a major contribution to global peace, economic stability, social inclusion, equality, sustainable development and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries. (…)

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6. BRICS summit Fortaleza Declaration 2014

Paul Craig Roberts sees „Hope on the Horizon“ Coming from Greece

Washington in its arrogance, seeing itself as “indispensable,” poses a continuing threat to the lives of hundreds of millions of people. The extraordinary number of dead that Washington has murdered in the 21st century – ”The American Century” – is dismissed as “collateral damage” in the “war on terror.”The war on terror is a hoax.…


US Geschichtsfälschung: Befreiung des ZK Buchenwald


Obama 2009 in Buchenwald Obama 2009 in Buchenwald

Geschichtsfälschung hat in der USA eine lange Tradition. Im Zusammenhang mit dem 30. Jahrestag der Befreiung wurde in den USA, aber auch in Frankreich eine Kampagne gestartet, deren Tenor die angebliche Befreiung des KZ-Buchenwalds durch die US Armee war. Der Tenor aller Publikationen bestand in der Behauptung, das KZ Buchenwald wurde durch amerikanische Streitkräfte überrollt und diese hätten damit die Häftlinge befreit. Jeder erinnert sich der eindrucksvollen Bilder in Dokumentationen die Amerikaner in Buchenwald filmten. Und natürlich dient das Lager auch als Filmkulisse für medienwirksame Auftritte von Merkel und Obama.

Das alles vermittelt den Eindruck als hätten Amerikaner Buchenwald höchstpersönlich befreit. Gegen diese Geschichtslüge wandte sich schon damals die Exekutive des Internationalen Komitees Buchenwald-Dora und Kommandos.

In Wahrheit marschierten die Amerikaner nämlich in ein KZ Lager ein, dessen SS-Bewacher geflüchtet oder von den Häftlingen selbst in festgenommen waren.
Um diesen Geschichtsfälschern den Zahn zu ziehen, hier mal eine Aufklärung wie sich die Häftlinge…

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